Partial translate french

(Johan) #1

Hello everybody, i have small problem.

i configure discourse in the french language.

In app.yml

In admin setting

The data translate is ok for me:

I have rebuild discourse container

but when i go to the badge section the badges aren’t translate, ex: long description and title:

Have you got an idea ?
Thank for your help

(Mittineague) #2

Hi Johan welcome to the forum

Setting a site’s Locale will change only the text that has tokens and values in the yml file.

It will not translate everything, eg. existing posts made in another language, Setting values.

eg. notice that “Utilisez une classe CSS Font Awesome ou une URL d’image” and “Groupe” display in French.

The “long description” is not part of the Discourse UI and therefore is not in the yml file. It is in a Postgres table.

IMHO likely easiest to simply change it to French yourself if that’s what you prefer it to be.
I wouldn’t trust myself at attempting to do any type of translating via a query.

That it doesn’t display “longue” suggests that the Transifex file needs to be updated.

(Johan) #3

Ok thanks for your response @Mittineague , but are sure ?
i made a new discourse install and in the badge section i have:

It 's in french but in the database the badges aren’t translate:

I’m not sure, but where is the french translation in database ?


(Gerhard Schlager) #4

The “First Reply By Email” badge is quite new. So, it’s either not translated in Transifex or the translation hasn’t been pulled into Discourse yet.

Oh, and @Mittineague is mistaken. The long description is also translated via Transifex.

You can translate it in the admin interface (Customize -> Text Content) if you don’t want to wait for the translations on Transifex. Look for the key badges.first_reply_by_email.

(Mittineague) #5

Thanks, I would have said I was wrong :wink:

That’s what I get for understanding only a little French, not looking closely enough, and jumping to the conclusion this was a custom Badge.

I’m not seeing it in the Locale file that was updated 8 days ago