Passing Website/Location from SSO

(Denis Heraud) #1

I’m aware that passing Website through SSO was recently merged in, as per this post:

Can someone confirm what the accessor is? Is it simply “website”? What happens if, as in my case, I already pass to a custom field labeled “website”? Also, how is the data is handled? Should it include http:// or www.? Will the website URL be clickable on its own the way it is when someone enters it manually?

Lastly, @zogstrip or @sam, would it be possible to also add the ability for “Location” to be passed from SSO in the same way? And if we wanted that to also be clickable (linking to Google Maps or other), can that be added also or would that have to be done through a plugin?

(Simon Cossar) #2

The accessor is website. It should be set as the full URL to the user’s website, for example This will create a clickable link on the usercard and the user’s profile page.

If your custom field is set to display on the public profile, or on the usercard, two fields will be displayed. You should probably delete the custom field before you start passing the website SSO parameter.