Pasting images into IOS?

The dialog in IOS when you create a new topic says you can paste or drag images, but I’ve tried press, double press, and long press - none of which give me the option to paste into the text field (I’m trying to paste in an image).

Each press results in a “look up” pop up when there is nothing entered into the text body area.

If I enter some text and try to paste an image I get the “select, select all, look up” pop up

If I try and paste text it works as expected

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Hmm you can drag images in iOS? You mean in the rare case you are using split screen iOS on a large iPad only?

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No, on my iPhone I use a keyboard that allows for quick image searches as well as Bitmojis - in both cases users get a bunch of images and when you press on one it’s copied to the clipboard. It can then be pasted into some other application - my users do this routinely in our slack channel as well as in iMessage chains (apparently I can’t type t h r e a d s)

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I dunno I just long tapped the logo here (on iPhone), selected Copy, then pasted it into the editor and it worked fine.