Pay option plugin

Hi Experts, have you implemented a pay option plugin?
I would like to get pay method for my users, so I know that i can create a link for my PayPal account, but I saw a plugin here with that purpose, so, have one of you implemented?

There’s this plugin:


In addition to the Patreon plugin, Memberful supports Discourse. Also, I have clients who are using other WordPress membership packages that make API calls to maintain Discourse groups.

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thank you guys, but I’m litle confuse with this plugin, maybe because that’s the first time I work with patreon!
What is exactly patreon?
and more over, using this plugin to conect with patreon, will I be able to require for a payment option?
I will read about the plugin, any lights on would be great!

You don’t mention what you want to achieve with that plugin…

Basically Patreon just aggregates your member’s contributions.

For a payment during the registration process, the best options are :