People being switched to anonymous mode without them doing it?

(Nicholas Tolstoshev) #1

Has anyone had an issue with users switching to anonymous mode without them doing it themselves? I’ve had a couple users post in anonymous mode and they claimed they didn’t make the switch. If it were just one person I’d chalk it up to user error, but two in short succession makes me suspicious. Is their going anonymous action logged anywhere that I can check to confirm that they took the action themselves?

(Sam Saffron) #2

I have never seen this happen or seen it reported in the past.

My guess is they mistakenly clicked on the icon without being fully aware of what it does.

I think we can do better when switching to anonymous by displaying an intermediate dialog to confirm.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yes we should add a confirm dialog here for sure.

Also exit anon should be a glyph not words.

(Nicholas Tolstoshev) #4

If nobody else has run into this issue then it makes sense that it was accidental as you suggest.

Agreed that an additional warning dialog would help with this issue. Thanks guys!