Permission Changes (moderators have less)

(Jeff Atwood) #43

These are read only groups that represent the current state.

To remove someone from Admin or Moderator, go to their user page, click the admin wrench, then click “Remove Moderator” or “Remove Admin”

Removing someone’s admin or moderator state will remove them from

  • the read only admin/moderator group
  • the read only staff group

(Arcanum) #44

I wonder why wasnt it build like that from the start, I am amazed that you are just locked down to default premissions setup. Look at Teamspeak permissions for example.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #45

If you want something like Teamspeak you will be dissapointed for sure. Our model is more to Discord than to Teamspeak.

(Arcanum) #46

Well discord at least has permission groups and you can assign groups permissions.

(Sam Saffron) #47

Giving specific permissions to groups is an interesting twist, not against adding this long term, but it is not yet on the roadmap.

(Arcanum) #48

(Nicolas Casel) #50

As administrator of a forum, I cannot find this interface / menu. Where can I get it?
Thank you.

(Arcanum) #51

You cannot, I was showcasing Discord premissions, this is not implemented into Discourse.


I’m not sure if having a “Moderator” and “Global Moderator” is still in the discussion, or Discourse has closed this topic for now. With the current format of Discourse, am I able to set up moderation as follows: (If anyone has come up with a workaround, please let me know):

Give certain members Moderator permission but limited to reviewing and approving of posts (i.e. have no other additional access such as change user profiles, see emails, etc. or any site settings). The way moderators are set up in current discourse, they would have access to everything other than site settings. I want to be able to restrict such access.



Where can I find a full list of the present permissions?


(Jeff Atwood) #54

There is no full list, can you flip this around so it is more answerable? What specific thing are you worried about?