Permission system is broken

(Christopher Khawand) #1

So we upgraded our community forum to the latest version available at 1 month ago (v1.9.0.beta11 +96) but the permission system is now broken (granting moderator/admin permissions).
We really appreciate some help!


Hi @ckhawand – it would be helpful to have more information here.

How is it broken? What behaviour/errors etc are you seeing?

(Christopher Khawand) #3

I will ask the related admin and give you the needed information as soon as he replies :slight_smile:

(Christopher Khawand) #4

@HAWK sorry for that delay :slight_smile:
Here they are
Discourse version: v1.9.0.beta11 +96
Using SSL
Using subfolder installation instead of subdomain


Hi @ckhawand
This does not give much info for the team to go on sadly -
What is being done and what is the expected outcome?
What are the steps to reproduce this?
What errors are being given?

(Christopher Khawand) #6

While the admin promotes a member to be a staff/admin, that does not work.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #7

That much we understand, but what does happen. I’m assuming the admin goes to the user’s admin page and clicks on the button. Then what happens? Are there errors in the logs?

(Christopher Khawand) #8

I’ll ask him to give me a screenshot of the logs, meanwhile, upgrading the forum could solve the issue?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #9

Being on the latest version cannot hurt, but we haven’t had any known admin granting issues recently so I’d say it’s unlikely to solve the issue.