Persona Login Plugin

(Vikhyat Korrapati) #1


To install add the plugin URL to your container’s app.yml.

    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - mkdir -p plugins
          - git clone
          - git clone

Rebuild the container:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

UPDATE. Persona is being shut down in November 2016. and related domains will be taken offline on November 30th, 2016.

Pulling persona out of Discourse core
(Mike Linksvayer) #2

Is anyone using this plugin in a live public instance?

Are the installation instructions equivalent to adding the plugin’s git repo to app.yml and rebuilding per Install a Plugin ?

To the first question I did a naive web search and found using a different and seemingly site-specific plugin, GitHub - mozilla-cit/discourse-persona-mozillians: Deprecated in favour of discourse-mozillians


(Sam Saffron) #3

Interesting, recommend you raise this with the folks on mozilla community. It does not really make sense to have 2 different plugins for the same thing. Also … persona seems to have taken quite a back seat recently not sure if work on it is even going to continue.

(Vikhyat Korrapati) #4

Yes, installation instructions are the same as the post you’ve linked. Not sure why but I am unable to edit the first post to correct the instructions.

Looks like the site-specific plugin they have is a fork with group-related stuff added to it.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Too old – edits are restricted after 6 months by default now. Can be changed via site setting.

(Sam Saffron) #6

Made it wiki so you can edit.

(Nukeador) #7

AFAIK Mozilla Discourse is using a modified version, can’t remember why. @tannerfilip can give you more details.

The second one is an experiment we are doing to integrate with our community directory, so we log-in with persona and also we get assigned to the groups we belong at the directory. @LeoMcA is leading that effort.

(Mike Linksvayer) #8

re “second one” is there another Mozilla discourse besides the mozilla-community one, using a different modified version of the Persona plugin?

Thanks for pinging people who might know more.

I noticed a different Mozilla-affiliated (I think) instance at which is only using Github has a login method.

Separately, I notice both and use only a single, remote, login method, and both obtain a superfluous login methods popup before the actual remote login popup. It might be nice if only a single, remote, login method is enabled that the login methods popup be skipped. I know this is offtopic for this thread. I might try to describe in a github issue if nobody tells me I’m crazy/wrong. :smile:

(Leo McArdle) #9

I’m not aware of any reason we’re using discourse-persona-mozillians over discourse-persona, other than the community directory integration, since that’s the only difference between the two.

(Mike Linksvayer) #10

I removed the line at the end about needing to recompile assets after installation – ./launcher rebuild app did this for me.

(Raphaël Jadot) #11

Hello, I installed Persona plugin with Discourse 1.3.0.beta4 (I did not intend to install beta release, it’s my first install, I certainly missed something)

When I login with persona, the account is said as validated by Persona pop-up but nothing happens, no connection, I stay on login page.

Is this because of the beta status of my instance of Discourse, or is there an issue with Persona plugin?

I don’t know how to troubleshoot…

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

(Sam Saffron) #12

@radq let me know if this is still supported and working, in absence of a reply this will be closed as an unsupported plugin in the next 72 hours.

(Nukeador) #13

Emmm, isn’t that a super strict policy to mark a plugin as unsupported (1 report and 72h to reply). Anyone can report a plugin as not working and the author maybe can’t check their notifications in a few days, or maybe he’s on vacations :wink:

BTW, the Persona plugin works perfectly here with beta.

(Sam Saffron) #14

people have been having a reasonable amount of issues with various plugins lately, we need a stricter means of flagging what is supported and what is not.

Also, persona is kind of abandoned at this point.

(Jeff Atwood) #15

Yeah this is more about persona being weakly supported in general than anything else.

(Vikhyat Korrapati) #16

works with discourse master on my dev machine.

(Raphaël Jadot) #17

@radq I don’t doubt it :smile:
On a fresh install of mine, you can see here the behaviour

BTW the discourse instance is on a local machine behind an nginx reverse proxy which is reachable from the internet, should I change something with the nginx conf, maybe?

(Florian Bender) #18

If you mean that it will not work some time in the future, then no, it’s not abandoned. There are no plans to shut the service down. There is however no longer Mozilla-sponsored work being done on Persona (except emergency stuff, of course), just volunteers and staff in their extra time.

(Raphaël Jadot) #19

Since discourse 1.4 the plugin is working.

Only weird thing is that the picture doesn’t display correctly:

(Jeff Atwood) #20

Right, that’s based on the glyph appearing in Font Awesome, and I don’t think Persona has a glyph.