Persona Login Plugin

(Raphaël Jadot) #21

Generally Mozilla uses something close to this one
Loomio uses one close to this one

I’d gladly made a pull request but don’t know yet how to find the related character…

In fact, better use no glyphs at all than “]” and remove

.btn-social.persona:before {
  content: "]";

(Leo McArdle) #22

For use on I CSSed in an image on discourse-persona-mozillians to produce:

I was initially reluctant to push this upstream (and then forgot) because I’m not sure how kosher it is, particularly because we’re serving the image off our own CDN: (there is a slight delay after the popup opens before the icon appears)

I’m gonna experiment with embedding the image inline as an svg in the css, and if that works, submit a pull request upstream. :smile:

(Leo McArdle) #23

Using an inline svg background seems to have worked perfectly. @radq have you had an opportunity to look at my PR?

(Nukeador) #24


With the update to 1.5.0.beta7 the plugin stopped showing the login button but the plugin seems to be enabled on the admin panel

(Mittineague) #25

My guess is the plugin code needs to be changed because of Deprecating ES6 compatibility layer

I don’t know if @radq is still around to look into the problem.

(cpradio) #26

I submitted a PR to fix it.

If you need it immediately, you can update your app.yml to point to

(Nukeador) #27

I see the PR was merged, updated and working, thanks!

(Mike Linksvayer) #28

Shutting down in November 2016

Is there anything Discourse instances using this plugin need to do before then to ensure a smooth transition for users to user/password or other social login? If a user has only ever logged in via Persona, is that a special case at all?

(Sam Saffron) #29

We always expect a working email address, you can always “forget your password” and reset it.