Phishing on my website?

(DjCyry) #1

Hello ,
I have a new website , and last night when i acces it i get this : .
Me and other users . The domain is new (1 month) , the discourse is updated , the vps/ubuntu is updated ,
all is up to date , i dont have any link or code , the discourse code is clean/default .
How can i fix this ? my website is : :frowning:

VirusTotal : Scan report for at 2015-08-14 07:12:24 UTC - VirusTotal
ONLY Google see it like phishing .

(Felix Freiberger) #2

My local ESET installation also flags this as phishing.

Curiously, Google says the site is safe. Do the Webmaster Tools give you any helpful information?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I believe phishing domains are flagged that way due to manual user reports? Not sure, you would need to look up info on that process.

(Héctor Fernández) #4

That google page uses a cached database. The site has indeed been reported.

You can report an error here Report Incorrect Phishing Warning

(Kane York) #5

Looks all fine now from here.

(DjCyry) #6

Yes , all its fine .
Thanks guys :yum:

(Régis Hanol) #7