Phone 12 IOS issue with UI

Anyone seen this kind of issue with Phone 12 pro IOS 14.7.1? it almost seems like its requesting desktop version since the navigation bar is in 2 rows and some text float over the edge. the discourse site is located at :

that certainly looks like the desktop view! I just tried the site on my phone and it works as expected for me… if you add ?mobile_view=1 to the end of the URL does that fix it? that forces the mobile view.

ill ask the community member :smiley: its not my phone and i dont have an iphone so i need to proxy this :smiley:

@awesomerobot ok so yes, if the user adds ?mobile_view=1 it works. so now we need to figure out why by default it serves the desktop version for this user O.o

That is strange! Maybe their browser’s user agent isn’t being detected? I tried it in Safari on an iPhone and it worked for me… maybe they’re using something else?

It is Safari :slight_smile: at east the user says it is :smiley:

@awesomerobot new information try to save it as an app to your IOS mobile app list. its maybe some PWA stuff that makes IOS 14 mix up the agent O.o?

So try to create a shortcut to the webpage by saving it “as an app”. this is the flow that brakes the users page.