Photo Preview Cut Off Horizontally


Hi, for some reason when I upload photos on my forum the edges on either side are cut off. For example I posted a chart where only the important details are on the right side, but cut off. You can only see the full image size by clicking on it to make it larger. From what I understood the image is supposed to be shrunk down to fit completely inside the post window, so nothing is cut off. This is how it works on another discourse forum that I use. Is there something in settings that I need to adjust?

I’m not sure if these are important, here are some current settings…

max image size kb: 3072
max attachment size kb: 3072
max image megapixels: 40
max image width: 960
max image height: 540

The post I am referring to is located here in case you want to see the images…


The only thing that I can see in settings that might be relevant is create thumbnail, which says "Create thumbnails and lightbox images that are too large to fit in a post."

However that is already checked.

(Régis Hanol) #3

Did you change any of these settings recently?

Because it works fine here :arrow_down_small:

(Vinoth Kannan) #4

I had similar issue when I used max image width > 690.

@Sentinelrv try by using max image width as 690. Because post width will not be wider than 690px.

@zogstrip I guess max image width is 690 in meta. That’s why we can’t reproduce the problem here.

(Régis Hanol) #5

I actually read 960 as 690 in @Sentinelrv’s post… :rolling_eyes:

Yeah, images will be cut off if max_image_width is larger than the posts width.


Ok, that seems to have fixed it, thanks. I had assumed the maximum width was referring to the large image (after clicking on it) and not the preview image (before clicking on it). Maybe it could be made clearer on that point in the description.