Pin Globally not working

(Adam Adam) #1

When I try and pin topics globally, they get marked as Pinned globally. But they dont actually get pinned globally?

After pinning globally I noticed that at the bottom it still said “unpinned” and so I again changed that to “Pin globally” but when I refresh the page it goes back to “unpinned”.

(Paula Kreuzer) #2

The “unpinned” on the bottom of the page just means it is unpinned for you. I assume you have the setting enabled to automatically unpin topics (for you) if you reach the bottom of the topic.
It’s in user settings > interface.

(Adam Adam) #3

I cant seem to find that setting

Also, the problem is not only for me. When I view the forum from a different device (that is signed out), I am still unable to view the globally pinned topic

(Kane York) #4

It’s at /my/preferences/interface.

(Adam Adam) #5

Doing this still didnt solve the problem

(Paula Kreuzer) #6

All pinning globally does is make sure the topic is on the top of the /latest view when you load it (until the user unpins it). Maybe what you are looking for is a banner instead?
Or show us a screenshot (or a link) to your /latest view, so we can verify it’s really not working as intended.

(Adam Adam) #7

No its not working.
Under newbies corner there is a topic called “getting started” that is the one that needs to be pinned globally. I have already chosen a banner topic, and that is working fine.

(Paula Kreuzer) #8

I believe the issue is that you used the “about this category” post which is not displayed in the /latest view at all (it’s empty), so it can’t really be pinned there either.
Try with a new topic.

(Adam Adam) #9

Thats it.
Problem solved. Thanks!

(Régis Hanol) closed #10