Pinned topic does not stay pinned consistently

(Arnold Schrijver) #1

I noticed on the Humane Tech discourse ( that it is not possible for me to pin topics consistently, either globally or per category. Sometimes the pinned topic stays pinned, but most of the time the topic is immediately unpinned after me pinning it. Also I never managed to get more than one pinned topic in a single category or globally.

Example of topic I’d like to pin: Contribute awesome tech to awesome-humane-tech list on Github - Apps and Tools - Humane Tech Community

I am using Firefox 58 on Ubuntu.


I believe that is by design: it will unpin for you only as soon as you read it (but remain pinned for other users until they read it)


What do you mean by ‘consistently’? I believe the functionality is consistent, just does not behave the way you expected?

(Arnold Schrijver) #3

Thanks for your response.

It seems I interpreted Pinning completely differently than how its implemented. By pinning I would expect to have a message to stay on top, even after reading it. This way I can have valuable topics quick at hand, without them falling down the topic list and I have to search for them (or I forget about them altogether).

This is also how it is implemented in Twitter and LinkedIn Groups and other places… a pinned topic stays on top.

In the Humane Tech forum for instance there is a global welcome message with links to the Wiki and other helpful text, that continues to keep its value after reading.

(PS. strange that thr[e]ad is a forbidden word… you are strict on terminology :wink:)


It’s a design decision I think they’ve taken for some good reasons. But it’s not at first that intuitive and differs from similar functionality elsewhere, as you point out, so can cause confusion.

It’s a different approach … and has some merit. Would perhaps be nice to have the option … maybe there is a plug-in, or you can build one? ;).

(Arnold Schrijver) #5

Ha ha, yes, maybe I will. I find this so non-intuitive… doubt I’ll be using any pinning at all if it works like this, also don’t know if other mods currently understand this behaviour. But thanks for your feedback!



As a ‘kind of’ a workaround I’ve got a static HTML link in my banner to my ‘Welcome Post’.

That helps.

Too many permanently pinned posts can detract from available real-estate, especially on mobile, so consider that.

And remember its dynamic per user, so at least everyone sees the pinned post, no matter how long they were away … (up to the date you set the pin to be active until)

(Sam) #7

There’s actually a site setting that admins can uncheck to disable this behavior (“automatically unpin topics”).

You’ll still lose pin topics based on when you set them to expire, but otherwise they’ll stay pinned.


Oh that’s good to know! Thanks! Apologies for the misinformation!

(Sam) #9

All good.

There’s also a per-person setting in your preferences in the Interface tab. I think if you disable automatic unpinning entirely via admin settings it doesn’t show up, though.


Do you mean this one?:

automatically unpin topics     Automatically unpin topics when the user reaches the bottom.

(Sam) #11

That’s the one. There’s also ‘default topics automatic unpin’, a site setting in the User Preferences category, which changes the default per-user value but doesn’t disable automatic unpinning entirely.



With richness comes confusion! @aschrijver take note! :slight_smile:

(Arnold Schrijver) #13

:smile: Yeah, great to know, ha ha. I notified the admins on the additional configuration options already.

(xiasummer) #14

I like the bookmark function. It has a new top menu, we can set a topic as bookmark and unbookmark it at any time. These selected topics can be viewed by simply one click.

Also I noticed a tool “tag”. We can add tags like “keep_on_top”. While I want to know, how can we simply show all the topics with such tags? Is there a one click or 2 clicks way to achieve the goal?

(Discoursecurious) #15

i got confused
what’s the difference?

automatically unpin topics

Automatically unpin topics when the user reaches the bottom.

default topics automatic unpin

Automatically unpin topics when the user reaches the bottom by default.