Pinned Topics - Change settings for existing users and repin unpinned

(Louis Rossouw) #1

At the risk of flogging a dead horse:

  • Is there a way to repin unpinned topics for all users?
  • I want to change the user settings for all users to not automatically unpin pinned topics?
  • I will allow unpinning per user but want the defaults to be “conservative”?

We are a NPO and our donation drive is being automatically unpinned. We want to keep it front of mind to users.

I’m assuming I need to run some sql to do this.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Edit the relevant site setting so auto-unpin is off. Then unpin and repin the topic. Done.

(Louis Rossouw) #3

Ok that’s one part. I want to reset their settings to not auto-unpin. I guess that’s in the user table?
And to repin all via db it’s probably the topic_users table?