Pinned topics not sorted by activity date anymore, engagement is tanking

I just noticed this. Did something change?

The globally pinned topics on the latest page (front page) in our community are not sorted by the last activity date anymore. It appears to be completely random.

The non-pinned topics below are sorted correctly.

We’re on the latest build.


This commit changed the order.


I see. That is bad in our use case though. Any chance to have this behavior optional via setting?

Since this new “feature” has been committed to core, the engagement in our community is tanking.

Really bad move, should have been optional :frowning:

We use global pins extensively in our community, always have 10-20 topics of the most engaging topics automatically pinned. Now the latest page is static and boring.


In the absence of an option currently, would unpinning them not somewhat recover engagement? The “most engaging topics” being “automatically pinned” suggests to me that this is based on something like rate of replies.

If that is the case, I would expect having them unpinned to naturally have a similar effect. Other topics will be pushed ahead of them with every new reply but the topics getting replies most frequently will push those back down again.

It won’t guarantee those most active topics stay at the top but it would at least solve the problem of the latest page being “static and boring” in the short term.


It’s not only “rate of replies” but based on a lot of other indicators (even down to the quality of a poster) and a logarithm algorithm that decides what is when pinned or unpinned. Thus, we always have a block of the “hottest” topics at the top followed by the rest. Now the upper block is completely static after this change. We don’t like the total chaos of the regular latest page, where every topic is bumped to the top because of a reply.

Well, never mind. If others like this new behavior, I’ll patch it out of core for us if we can’t get a setting for it. In our case it is severely affecting the overall engagement.