Pinterest app not working with Discourse?

So I tried to share some of my images on Pinterest app and it says its unable to reach the site. I tried other WordPress blogs and works fine.

I did some searching and saw the social share option for Pinterest so figured it was possible to share. Then I tried this site on a thread with photos and got the same error as on mine.

Is there a workaround or does anyone know why its not working?

I’m not sure I’m following. Are you having issues sharing an image that is on Pinterest on your Discourse site? Or issues sharing an image that is on your Discourse site with Pinterest?

It’d also be helpful to know what the error is.


Thanks. When I’m trying to share an image on my discourse site to Pinterest.

This is what shows when I share from my site or from this site. I tried on 2 different devices.

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Discourse use of the Share API passes the target app a simple URL.

Looks like Pinterest on Mobile is unable to parse most of Discourse URLs currently to find the images.


Yeah I just tried web desktop Pinterest and I get a 404 response code there.

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You’d need to follow up with Pinterest. We follow the oEmbed and OpenGraph standards.


how to embed a pinterest embed into discourse

That’s not what this topic refers to.

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