Pinterest 'Widgets' inside a Topic

(Eric Schleicher) #1

Pinterest offers the ability ‘embed’ widgets in other sites that are linked to specific assets (pins/boards)within pinterest, and show some portion of them inline on an external (to pinterest) page.

We very much would like to use these in a topics to linking our communities pinning activity (on shared boards) directly to the discussion.

Looking to sort out how best to get these to work, not really sure where to start. given the markdown model. My first thought is that it’s similar to oembed, but since it’s javascript based, not really the same type of implementation.

If someone can comment on how we might go about getting this to work, either properly, or as a workaround. If not it would strike me as a feature request, which i’m also totally open to.

Some additional information that might be helpful

Here is the pinterest Widget Creator page:

the output looks something like this (paset here as an image since clearly won’t paste as markdown)



here also is a sample board we would like to integrate through these widgets, for context.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Well, it looks like that oneboxes in a reasonable way already in your post.