Plans to create a community.. Could use some help

(Aaron Bell) #1


I’m planning on using discourse to create a community and I have some basic javascript/NodeJS knowledge that I think should be able to help me build it on my own with help.

I want the community to have a chat room with channels (most likely using gitter, I saw babble but it seems to be down at the moment) as well as a discourse discussion board.

The goal is to have user profiles display unique information about the user so when your in the chat or on the discussion boards, you can click the profile and view the unique info about the user. I was originally planning on using mongoDB to store the unique user data (some private, some public) but realize I might be able to completely alter the user profiles on discourse.

I also would like to be able to eventually offer job recruiters and users of the site a tool where they can connect and find jobs so I’ve read mongoDB isnt great for querying a ton of unique results.

Obviously the primary use of the website will be to connect with the people you share the same degree, but for a user experience perspective and a business perspective, I would like to have unique/altered user profiles and the ability to distinguish users by their data.

Would anyone be able to guide me through the process of building this or just share their 2 cents on the idea?

Thank you

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

You can easily add custom fields to user profiles.

There are chat plugins and a new interface connecting to several services like Slack. I’m surprised that babble seems not to be working.

You almost certainly don’t want to do do anything with Discourse and mongo Db.

You should first install Discourse to see what it does out of the box and then you’ll be able to ask smaller, more precise questions that have answers. You can either get a free trial with, another hosting provider, or get me to install it for you.

(Aaron Bell) #3

If you install it for me then do I not pay the monthly fees I see on the price tab?

I feel like I have some ability to configure it myself but am just getting my feet wet learning how everything works, what I can do, and what I want my website/community to be like.


You wouldn’t pay our fees, but you’d pay Jay’s one off fee of $99 + $10 p.m. for hosting.

(Aaron Bell) #5


I originally had ideas to build my community idea from the ground up using express and mongo because I know how to set those up but I feel as though I can build it using all the tools that come with discourse and hack my own customizations into it

(Aaron Bell) #6

Is there a good guide after the github instructions to walk me through playing around with what discourse does? I only really know Node and Express and am a beginner at those even, so diving into discourse blind is somewhat intimidating


There isn’t a specific guide (yet) but you’ll find plenty of documentation in our howto category and there is a good collection of documentation here.

I’d recommend jumping in and giving it a go. You can ask for support here if you get stuck.

(Jay Pfaffman) #8

If your community doesn’t warrant the $100/month price of, you can self host on digital ocean or other service. My install FAQ answers many questions, so I encourage you to read through that. You can also follow the standard install cloud document and pay only for hosting.

(Aaron Bell) #9

Thanks will do,

Excited to get started and share my progress. Is there a lsit of notable unique/top communities using discourse, would love to see all types of examples and ways it has been used with blogs/chats etc.

(Jay Pfaffman) #10

There are many links to customers on the site home page. Perhaps you could look there.