Please allow option for editing inline using a rich text editor

(Eran Medan) #1

I think most people won’t handle markdown well outside the tech world, so a rich text editor + inline editing would be nice (mostly for comments)
e.g. a nice stripped down basic inline editor (e.g. not CKEditor / TinyMCE but more like wysihtml5 - A better approach to rich text editing )

p.s. this is awesome, great reference implementation for emberjs 1.0 pre, very exciting

Bold and Italic in Chinese
(drderp) #2

You accidentally left a ) in your link there; and the current editor is fine (if the icons are cleaned up). Reddit uses markdown, plus it also supports bbcode!

(Jeff Atwood) #3

It’s just plain text for the most part, I don’t think many people have trouble with it. Here someone did a usability study (actual data!) and found that the Markdown produced better usability than a WYSIWYG editor…

That said, plugins are the order of the day… it is your forum configure it how you want! And if you want WYSIWYG editor, great, it should be a plugin available to anyone on their forum.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

We support BBCode as well here. Not every part of it, but most of it. So you can use either Markdown or BBCode.

(drderp) #5

I had said that, I guess I got a little excited with my pronouns; also, I replied to you, why doesn’t it show “in reply to codinghorror” for me?

(Eran Medan) #6

Hm… this might be a bug, e.g. in gmail if I send a link (please see my site here the last ‘)’ is not rendered as part of the link, I’m going to check on SO, ok, back… yep, it’s a bug , SO renders it correctly…

(Eran Medan) #7

The main feature request is inline editing, even more than having it WYSIWYG, just like disquss, facebook…

I’ll try to repeat that test at work, I’m pretty sure people will ask for WYSIWYG unfortunately (enterprise guys)

but I’m excited about the plugins option, is it documented by any chance? any reason I shouldn’t fork and write one for that purpose? will you have a plugins repository? or each plugin author on his own?

p.s. Thanks Jeff for doing this by the way, this is really great. can’t wait to implement it at work…

(Dan Dascalescu) #9

Continuing here the discussion from More advance editor should be here?, which became a tangle between MathJax markup and WYSIWYG.

I’ve read the UX.SE study (on 22 college students) and it seems that computer-literate types catch on to Markdown pretty quickly thanks in large part to the preview. There are some snags, like line breaks (which require two invisible spaces at the end of the line) or whatnot. Tables are tricky. Also, copy/pasting formatted text will lose all the formatting. This operation is important for a forum I want to set up. Also, there’s no preview on mobile.

At the same time, I’m a purist and hate the bloated HTML markup produced by most WYSIWYG editors

There’s a new breed of lightweight HTML5 editors. How about a plugin to use one of those? Is Markdown output a hard requirement, or would HTML be OK too?