Please explain "Profiles"

(Mitchell L Model) #1

Please explain user profiles. When I click a user’s image in a discussion, something pops up with a large version of their image and a bit of information. Is this the information from their Preferences Profile? How many lines of text would be shown?

I wrote a long profile since there was a large box to fill – I think I misinterpreted it’s purpose; maybe there should be a short profile that pops up when a user’s image is clicked and a way to get to a full one.

Is there a way to go directly to user’s Profile? Is there anything else from a user’s Preferences that is available publicly?

(Sam) #2

The thing that pops up in discussion is called the user card, click on their avatar or username in the user card to go to their profile.

Information from a user’s profile does go onto their user card - their avatar image, user card background, and stuff from the about me, location, and website fields.

It does get a bit unwieldy if you use a large about me description, though. I think you can add additional fields in /admin/customize/user fields so that you could have a long description, but I haven’t used the option myself.

Edit - yeah the additional fields option works nice, but I’m not sure the text content box would be good for a long profile description, it’s not a full edit box like the ‘about me’ section.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

The way to get to the full profile is to click the avatar in the user card.