Please suggest me a good color scheme for my Discourse Forum


(Cee Kay) #1

Hello All,
This is Abdul, The webmaster of Engineersity. A discourse forum intended to help university students who are currently enrolled to engineering courses.

My website is (Not in anyway intended to get any SEO benefits, I know it is disabled for users with my trust level).

Please feel free to suggest me a color combination that suits my Logo. The logo which is displayed proudly on my forum.

Thanks in advance.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

You might have better luck with this question on design-focused communities such as @HAWK’s But since this is a very open ended question and color themes are very subjective, it’s probably better for you to figure this one out on your own. Here are some resources to help you out:


This tool is a handy one too:

(Cee Kay) #4

Hi @HAWK ,
Going through your site and all, I understood you have good sense of colors. Can you suggest me a good color combi for a forum which focuses engineering students


Here is a starting point

You can play around with the tool by entering your primary colour (in your case #44a8de) into this field

Then as you move the wheels, complimentary colour combos will be displayed.

(Cee Kay) #6

Thank you @HAWK this is what I was expecting. I am all set to go further.