Plugin for other than AdSense?

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Is there a plugin for having ads on the site but not AdSense? Or can I do it using the official plugin somehow? Or maybe insert a custom ad if let say I contact a shop that want to advertise on my site?


This is the “official” plugin:

Not only for adsense.
Check it out

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That is the one I used, it has two other settings other than Adsense, you mean I can use that in order to have it working?


I can not understand what are you trying to do.
Can you explain it?

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It is like this:

  1. I own a Discourse website.
  2. I want to show one specific shop banner on my Discourse site (it is a shop that I agreed to show his banner for).

Meaning, I don’t have any specific code to put in (like AdSense for example), I just want to display his banner in a specific amount of time.


Ah, now I got it.
Did you check this thread?

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That was EXACTLY what I was looking for, only problem is the left menu does not show up in my admin:

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It seems I can search for a specific file. What file should it be if I want to display on top of all pages (or most pages)?


Read all the topic, check this out:

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I lack the options on the left side it seems.


You have to create new one.
Please put language admin in english if you want to pass screenshots here :wink:

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I will, sorry.

I created a new one, do I hit export afterwards? Or how do I save it?

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Stupid me, it is a save button on the bottom of the page :/. My laptop has a low resolution.

Thank you very much for your help!