Plugin not correctly loaded

(Matti Nelimarkka) #1


I’m developing my own plugin and check to check how it’s done copied the discourse-alert code to examine and explore it a bit. I installed the code using rake, cleaned my assets and restarted the server.

However, it seems that the plugin is not correctly loaded, is there some sort of configuration I need to make these plugins to work?

(Matti Nelimarkka) #2

Anyone? I’m trying to use Discourse as a research platform and would want to have my extended functions as plugins (compared to direct hack on the system) so that they could be used easily to enhance other forums too :slight_smile:

(Hugo Almeida) #3

In development mode try a rm -rf tmp/cache/assets. I think this is caused by spring caching stuff so maybe try a spring stop.

(Matti Nelimarkka) #4

Thanks @HugoAlmeida , for some reason just running the usual rake tasks didn’t clean enough :confused: