Plugin not working for WP with nginx and WP 4.x

(omfg) #1

I like Discourse and I went over to the Github page to check out the status of the current WP plugin.
According to several issues the plugin can’t work with Nginx and the WP 4.x.
Is that true?
Reference: Does not work with nginx / latest wordpress · Issue #83 · discourse/wp-discourse · GitHub

My second concern is that it seems quite sensitive to various WP gotchas and unexpected situations (and that’s fine).
I’ve been wondering if it’s worth the trouble. Is it possible to instead show a Discourse RSS feed below each post so that whoever clicks on it gets redirected to the Discourse instance where they can leave a comment? I know it’s a very manual and annoying approach, but it’s less likely to get broken.

(Khoa Nguyen) #2

I think it was caused by a wordpress plugin.
I’m runing WP 4.0.1 with nginx and using discourse at a comment system. Everything works fine

(Matthew Burgos) #3

Did you ever get this figured out?

(omfg) #4

@nubs, I am basically satisfied with the answer by @thangngoc89 and will try to use Discourse with WP next time I setup a site.
Last time I looked at it few months back and because I saw those issues opened I didn’t implement Discourse (I just used the built in system) and decided to wait instead to see whether the issues will get fixed. Now that they appear to not be real issues, next time I’ll give it a try.
The only (minor and not directly related) detail that I discovered this time is it seems I’d have to have both mySQL and PostgreSQL running on the same small VPS instance which may be a challenge with regard to system resources, other than that I have no additional questions.

P.S. Thank you @thangngoc89.

(Khoa Nguyen) #5

I think for perfomances, you should use two seperate VPSs