Plugin Outlet Naming Consistency Request

(Mittineague) #1

I’ve been having a slow but busy summer and it has been a while since I’ve looked into plugin outlets.

There are currently 33 of them!

Maybe I have a touch of OCD, but all of the plugin-outlet names are like
word hypen word
except for one odd man out
{{plugin-outlet "user_custom_preferences"}}

True, the names are unique and a developer would need to have seen them anyway. But I have a feeling this one might bite someone eventually

I guess changing it now unannounced wouldn’t be so nice to anyone using that outlet already. So if a “Deprecation” could be easily done that would be fair.
Just the same, I have a feeling that unless there is a reason this one needs to have underscores instead of hyphens the sooner it becomes consistent with the others the better.

(Robin Ward) #2

Very good observation:

(Régis Hanol) #3