Plugin Questions: TopNav Dev Group Tracker

(Anna) #1

Continuing the discussion from How to add a new tab with content from a group?:

I’ve just installed the plugin that adds a “Dev Tracker” to your top navigation bar and links to the Developers group page: https://[url]/groups/developers

Couple of questions (I suppose mainly for @eviltrout):

  • Is it possible to make it so this feed can work for the group named “Developer” instead of “Developers”?
  • Can this Dev Tracker link instead to the posts (https://[url]/groups/developers/posts)?
  • When new posts are made by those in the Developer/Developers group, can a counter be added to the TopNav button to draw the attention of visitors?

I’m extremely new to GitHub (this is the first plugin I’ve installed on my own… before that I was having my IT manager do it out of fear of screwing something up), so forgive my ignorance. I really like the plugin, just curious as to how flexible it can be! :slight_smile:


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Instead of using the plugin, you can use this customization:

That way you can change the URLs and names involved easily.