Plugin stylesheets no longer being included

(Thomas Smyth) #1

Hi folks. I just upgraded from v0.9.8.3 to v0.9.9.12 (I know mea culpa, should have upgraded earlier). Trouble is my plugin stylesheets don’t seem to be getting loaded anymore.

I noticed the huge list of link tags has now been replaced by a single desktop.css. I looked in there and the contents of the asset my plugins register is in there:

 *= require_tree ./vendor
 *= require_tree ./diaedu

But the requires aren’t be expanded. How to fix this please? Thanks!

(Thomas Smyth) #2

Nobody has encountered this?

(Thomas Smyth) #3

Well FWIW I figured this out. It seems Discourse no longer uses sprockets for plugin stylesheets, or perhaps for stylesheets at all? I just changed my registered plugin stylesheet to an .scss file and add @imports for all the other plugin stylesheets. That fixed it.