Plugin version control from Docker manager upgrade page


(Joe Seyfried) #1

I’m sure this has been posted elsewhere, but I cannot find it using the search: how can I make sure that Docker manager recognizes upgrades available for plugins? The commit hash of the installed version differs, the version number in the plugin.rb file is updated, but I am missing one last piece…?

(Sam Saffron) #2

If the commit hash differs you should be good

(Joe Seyfried) #3

Here it is again: some of my plugins - and even Discourse are out of sync, and Docker manager says I’m all good.

Discourse: discourse (82e5f55) - Github shows todays a commit with 7b94dc8.

I was worried that one of my plugin does not get the right hashes due to the fact that it’s being pulled from a specific branch - but discourse is on master, of course. Any insights on this one? :confused:

(Sam Saffron) #4

discourse should not be on master, it should be on tests-passed which is … this second at a3831

I just upgraded my instance and all worked as expected.

Can you rebuild your instance?

(Joe Seyfried) #5

Oops, my bad, it is of course.

In a quiet moment, I will try that. Thx for now…