Plugin x discussion about

Is there a way how to distinguish between plugins and discussions about plugins eg.

(I hope for query like this one - Search results for '#plugin tags:official after:2019-07-19' - Discourse Meta)

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The #official tag just list the topics for the official plugins.

The larger #official plugins have dedicated subcategories under #plugin for each to house discussions.


@Falco - Thank for response. Query with tag “official” was only example.

My goal is to have a list of all plugins but without discussions about (I’ll put it into a spreadsheet with eg status column and values like “installed”, “try it”, …). In other words - I vant to separete software (plugins) and just talking about software.

I guess you will need to create your spreadsheet manually.

The GitHub tag may help too:


I “attached” my partial result. There are more then 300 items that I have to separate manually (filter #VALUE). I am looking for a better way but I want to keep the link to the relevant “meta” topic.