PM directly from a post in topic

(Alejandro Petroff) #1

Sometimes you need to tell other user in private (with private message) related to his post in the topic. I.e. ask for something confidential related to his post etc.

PM-User to Invite to Convo or Continue in PM
(Jeff Atwood) #2

You can already do this.

  • Click flag.
  • Click notify.
  • Enter message press enter

(Alejandro Petroff) #3

Yes, thank you. That’s great. But it’ll be more intuitive to make a small icon near flag to PM.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I would be opposed to such a change as it is noisy. It is a rare activity and covered by flag.

(Trevor Williams) #5

It’s still a useful feature.

(Brian Miller) #6

I’d like to 2nd cerberus’ request.

I’ll give some more context and use case for us personally.

  1. We’re looking to use discourse as a classifieds posting board on a church website.
  2. Post Examples: 1) Job Opportunities 2) Needs (volunteer, food, goods, etc) 3) Events 4) Free Items
  3. We like the idea of a public reply as discourse models, however many post require a private message reply
  4. Having the context of the post in that private message is critical
  5. Private Reply Examples: 1) Exchange contact information. 2) Express interest in a private manner.
  6. This model is similar to

Here is a screenshot mock-up of what it could potentially look like. I imagine this would be a configurable option for the admin. The “private reply” button is only needed for the OP (original poster).

If you feel it is a valuable feature, we could submit a PR.

Thanks for the consideration.

(Dave McClure) #7

It’s too noisy as an extra button that is there all the time, but I think it’s a little counterintuitive on the flag.

What about putting it in the user card?

  1. Click Avatar on post
  2. Send PM

(Pyro) #8

Doesn’t this exist already? I see a button saying “Private Message” when I click on your usercard. What it does not do is tell the author which of his posts it is about (correct me if a flag wouldn’t do that either).

Like @mcwumbly, I oppose the proposal of a “Private Reply” button below a post since it is a rare use-case and not suited for discussion purposes. Why even have a topic when you could privately discuss it? It looks like the use-cases mentioned are very auction house related (more like bulletin boards rather than for public discussion).

Personally my judgment of this is that it’s plugin territory. If you want to turn a forum into a bulletin board, you probably missed the point.

(Dan Rye) #9

I think it’s a great feature. It definitely should be configurable. It depends on the purpose and audience of the discussion. @mcwumbly, the problem I see with your suggestion is you loose the context of the post. It’s also already a feature, although I don’t see it on meta, I have seen it on other sites, it seems to only be available after you’ve been an active member.

(Brian Miller) #10

@pyro240 You are exactly right. 1) The PM feature already exist but it doesn’t give context of the post. 2) The feature is certainly similar to a bulletin board.

However, no “bulletin board” software comes close to the quality of

I like the plugin idea. I’ll look into the plugin capabilities.

(Dave McClure) #11

The feature could be implemented with context saved though. I received a PM the other day with a “continuing the discussion from” quote and link to my public post, and it worked quite well, giving context and a right-gutter link right back to the post.

No reason why that couldn’t be done automatically here…

(Pyro) #12

Maybe I did not entirely understand your suggestion but I would totally be in favor of this or a similar title and design for Flag -> Notify author private messages (in case this isn’t already the case which I have no idea about).

(Dave McClure) #13

It almost works the way I want already, actually:

  1. click usercard

  2. click private message

Currently you have to:

  1. click usercard
  2. click private message
    You are taken to the profile page when the composer window opens…would be better not to do that
  3. click back
  4. highlight the post text, and click 'quote reply
  5. copy the topic title and paste it in as your PM topic after a "RE: "

If it all the above were automated from the first two steps, that’d be ideal.

(Jeff Atwood) #15

Uhhhh it is already there?

(Dave McClure) #16

Duh… I realized that after the fact (see my other post above). I didn’t see it the first time because I clicked my own damn avatar

(Jeff Atwood) #17

Well, I can change that to btn-primary class so it mirrors the user page at least and is easier to see. But yeah, you can’t PM yourself for what I hope are obvious reasons :eyes:

(Dave McClure) #18

(Kane York) #19

That PM you got (image)? It went through the flagging dialog.


This is a legitimate feature request.

(Jeff Atwood) #20

It is, but the title of the topic is “PM directly from a post in topic.”

Directly answering the title of the topic: there are two ways of doing this and they both work.

We have a lot of things to work on, guys. Can’t always spend time trimming the lawn with nail clippers.

(Dan Rye) #21

You can’t PM at all unless you reach some threshold (I’m not sure what that threshold is). Another issue with this threshold is it looks like I can use the flag PM option but it actually fails silently.