PM directly from a post in topic

(Jeff Atwood) #22

Ah, that is a bug then. @neil when you are back can you verify that TL0 users don’t experience any broken flagging either on the post or via the topic buttons?

(I noticed it is also a bit weird about deleted posts but that is staff only.)

(Neil Lalonde) #23

I just fixed this. We shouldn’t have been inviting trust level 0 users to flag with the “Notify User” option. As you pointed out, it fails because they can’t send private messages until they reach trust level 1.

(Brad Huber) #24

Bumping this with a question and potential bug:

We have people using the flag “Notify User” as a way to PM users from a thread, but #moderators are being tagged in it, so we’re getting the PM as well.

The description of this flag makes it sound like we shouldnt be getting that notification, and that it should be between those two users.

(Jeff Atwood) #25

It depends which option you select. Are you talking to that user, or the moderators? Only one is a PM direct to the user, the one with that user’s name.

(Brad Huber) #26

Theyre using Notify UserName, because the PM that shows up has “#moderators, UserName” in the To: field.

(Jeff Atwood) #27

No, that only PMS the user. Unless we had a regression recently.

(Brad Huber) #28

Yeah, I definitely just tested it myself, and it didnt go to #moderators. I wonder if we had some users who only thought they used that flag. I guess I was taking their word for it because we had it happen twice today.


(Jeff Atwood) #29

Never, ever take the word of a user! Even yourself!

Trust, but verify™

(Jeff Atwood) #30