PM page, /unread and /new throwing internal server error

(Chris Beach) #1

This evening, the private message list page on my forum stopped working for me and at least one other user (possibly everyone).

I have tried /safe-mode (everything disabled) and the problem persists.

I’m concerned this might be related to an earlier action I took.

A long term user PMed to ask me to remove them from the forum. I first anonymised them, then deleted all their posts (100+, including PMs), and then I deleted their account.

Could this perhaps be related to the issue I’m seeing on the PM page?

Is there any kind of ghost data (particularly around PMs from deleted users) that linger and affect the call to load PM data from the server?

There’s nothing obviously related in my server error logs (as visible from the admin dashboard). Some errors thrown by the ettiquette plugin and the events plugin, which I believe are unrelated.

Apologies for the lack of diagnostic info / repro at this stage. I’m currently on my way home from work and will provide all the info I can when I get back to my laptop. I will also try recreating this issue on another forum instance.

(Chris Beach) #2

Just heard that the following pages are also affected:

Very urgent now! :disappointed_relieved:

Suggestions gratefully received.

This does possibly relate to the events plugin as I’m seeing a growing number of errors in the log from this plugin, associated with the URLs that I’m requesting which are broken (/new etc)

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

On a forum I’m working with, disabling the events plugin fixed it, but the error was different. My guess is that whatever broke the events plugin also broke some other plugin you have installed.

Edit: Oh. I somehow missed that you mentioned the events plugin. I’d definitely start by disabling that. I commented it out and rebuilt.

And if this is the kind of emergency you want to throw money at Fix Your Broken Site – Literate Computing. I’m at my desk now and will figure out what the problem is.

(Chris Beach) #4

Thanks Jay. If I rebuild without the plugin, is there a danger all the event metadata written by the plugin will be lost?

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

Well, I’d say to make a backup, but I’m 99% sure that the stuff will stay in the database, so when you re-install it, it’ll work again.

(Chris Beach) #6

Backing up as we speak :wink:

Thanks for the advice.

(Chris Beach) #7

I’ve disabled the events plugin and rebuilt - we’re back in business. Thanks for the help in a time of crisis, @pfaffman :slight_smile: