PM upon Silencing?

I’d like to have the option to disable a users ability to write PM’s upon them being Silenced. Seems to make sense unless there are details I’m unaware of. Might there be support for this?

PMs to who, staff or regular users? Is this part of an already ongoing PM that they simply replied to, or a new PM? Need a few more details here.

My main desire/need is to cut off the ability to PM other regular users, (and I can see that leaving them open to PM a Staff and/or Admin would probably be wise.)

Certainly any new PM’s. As to ongoing one’s, hmmm… I’d say them also. If there’s reason enough to silence them, there’s likely no good reason to let them continue to use the platform as a PM service to (possibly a bunch) of people. If reason is found to UNsilence them in the future, then they’re back in full good stead again.

Silenced users aren’t able to PM, so I think we’re somehow misunderstanding each other:

I need direct clarification of two things

  1. Are these PMs to staff?
  2. Are they replies to existing PMs or new PMs?
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This is my mistake. Prior to beginning this topic, I in fact tested this by sending from a regular user account I have to a party whom I had forgotten was in fact a moderator. So, I re-tested and in fact confirmed that a “You can’t send to that person” message is provided when attempting to PM a regular member.

My apologies for this. The system is doing what I had hoped for already. Thank you.