PMing a group no longer sends them emails?

(Justin Pierce) #1

The new group PM UX is nice but it seems to no longer send emails to the members of that PM.


Can’t find how to do that

(Sam Saffron) #2

Have the group members watch the group if that is what you are after, as a default that is way too loud

(Justin Pierce) #3

Why not make it optional so we can decide what’s too loud or not for our communities? My members were the ones that came to me to complain about not getting the emails anymore – they were pretty integral to scheduling events. It’s not their fault they’re no longer getting emails so I shouldn’t have to ask them to do the work to work around this problem.

What used to be simple to do in Discourse will now require me to export users into an external mailing list outside Discourse just so I can direct them back to information inside Discourse – that’s dumb and simply makes Discourse more cumbersome and less valuable. The 1.5 feature list mentions sending emails to a group – is that not actually true?

(Tobias Eigen) #4

I actually agree with this. It would be very handy indeed to have an a group admin setting to set group members watch a group by default, which users can change later if it’s too noisy. Also the ability to bulk update existing group members. I guess this could be done with a query at the command line for self hosted sites.

All of that said, we do use mailchimp when we want to be certain to reach everybody, or @ mention their group which will reach just about everybody unless they changed their notification settings.

(Sam Saffron) #5

Sure I am fine to add an option for that

(Alexandra) #6

I second that. This would be a really handy feature. My users are not particularly internet-savvy. Asking them to actively watch the group just won’t work.