Polls cannot be closed if "allow user locale" is enabled


(PJH) #1

I considered filing this under bugs (edit - subsequently moved), but since I’m willing to accept it might be something I’ve done in customization, (but even after removing all possible customisations the perceived behaviour remains) since I can’t reproduce it elsewhere…

On my test site, the expected behaviour on a poll - View Results and Close Poll:

On our site, only one button: View results. This screenshot is with all site-specific CSS and mods disabled (i.e. a totally blank CSS/HTML) no Sytlish or Greasmonkey scripts running:

Inspect-element of both side by side - our site on left with apparently one button in the DOM, my test site on right with both buttons in the DOM.

I’m open to suggestions as to what to look for for what specifically on our site might be causing this…

Polls don't work if you forget to add "Poll:" when first creating the topic and add it in later
(PJH) #2

Ok - moving this to bugs, since I can’t even close polls by editing the Title from “Poll: …” to “Closed Poll: …”

(Kane York) #3

I have a Close Poll button on try.discourse.org. No clue what’s going on.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Thus this is support. Please make sure you can repro on try.discourse.

(PJH) #5

To which the point was made: no.

And I did try another category initially, but nobody seemed interested in helping.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Any plugins enabled?

(PJH) #7

(Jeff Atwood) #8

So it’s possibly History… spoiler is enabled here and on try so that can’t be it.

(PJH) #9

History’s been there since nearly the beginning and its last update was 7 months ago - a month after we started with DC - unless something added within core DC since is conflicting with it, it sounds like a long shot…

(PJH) #10

… additionally I have History in my test instance and that isn’t exhibiting the issue.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Also possible is an unusual site setting of some kind, though I don’t know which one would cause what you are showing. Possibly it is a site setting, if we’re listing possible variables.

Close button is missing for admins and mods alike?

(PJH) #12

I’ll check… <!----------------->

(PJH) #13

Missing (from DOM as well) for

  • admin+mod
  • mod and
  • TL4 (if that’s relevant.)

All three tested on a second browser, in case that might have been it (first was Firefox, second was Chrome.)

(PJH) #14

Mobile seems similarly affected.

(Jeff Atwood) #15

We need a way to reproduce this on try or meta… otherwise no idea how to fix.

(PJH) #16

I’ll see if I can reproduce it on my test system by copying over stuff bit by bit…

Are there handy instructions for ‘downgrading’ a system to a particular checkin so I can match my system against what’s running on the site?

(Joseph Pullan) #17

wait… is there sopposed to be a close poll button? On my website iv’e never seen one!

(PJH) #18


How, if you do, do you close them?

(Joseph Pullan) #19

well, ive looked to the right of the poll, but i can’t see one! Look see here on this pcture I can’t see one:

(PJH) #20

@codinghorror - looks like it’s somewhat reproducible…

@FezodgeIII - what happens with a poll when you change the subject of the topic to “Closed Poll: <original subject…>” - can you still vote/change your vote?