Polls with top three ranked answers?

(Tobias Eigen) #1

We’d like to do a poll on our site for a new tagline, and have received more than 15 submissions to choose from. Thus is a bit for much for a single andwer poll. Is it possible to do a poll with multiple answers, ranked In order of preference?

(Dean Taylor) #2

You can use multi-choice polls.

If you do end up with two results with the same number of votes - do a tie-breaker poll.

(Tobias Eigen) #3

yeah this might work. I was hoping for the ability for voters to rank their answers.


(Dean Taylor) #4

I’m thinking that…
If you have enough users voting for the ones they like ( >~5 ?), users ranking their answers almost amounts to noise / confusion in both the action required by the users and the results.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

A ranked poll – pick your first, second, and third choice – seems awfully specialized to me but could be valid in some situations like an election.

(Patrik Mayer) #10

Obviously I’m a litte blind… how do I achieve polls where you can vote more than one answer?
Sorry digging out this old threat. Thank you!

found it: Discourse Cheat Sheet - Community - The SitePoint Forums - Creating a poll

(Dean Taylor) #11

A tool for building polls is now available from the “cog” in the editor

(Patrik Mayer) #12

Thank you - obvisouly I’m very blind :thumbsup: