Poor emoji visibility/readability?

(ljpp) #1

Is it just me or my device, or why the emoji in Discourse apear slightly soft or blurred? I’ve tried all the available emoji styles, but that did not really help. Currently using the Apple/International style, while they fit the flat UI poorly, they appear a bit more crisp.

Discourse emoji, Apple style:

Simple Machines Forum smileys:

As you can see the smileys used by SMF are more crisp and the facial expression is more obvious. And smiley faces are the easiest ones to figure out.

(Quenten) #2

fine for me.

(ljpp) #3

Thats the Twitter style used here, right?

I should mention that my laptop resolution is 1440x900.

(cpradio) #4

Are you on latest. If I recall correctly, at one point there was a transformation CSS entity that was causing blurriness to the emoji modal. Not sure if that is playing a part or not for you.

(ljpp) #5

Beta 8 currently. Running the beta branch.