Popular Link Badges Missing

One of my users alerted me to the fact that it looks like some of our badge information has gone missing. He mentioned the Popular Link badge in particular, and after taking a look I verified that I no longer have the badge and only one other user has it currently, granted 17 days ago.

Anyone else having badge issues?

Many of the badges have a revocation query that is run daily. That query will revoke the badge if the user no longer qualifies for it. For the Popular Link badge, if the post that contained the link is deleted, the badge will be revoked. Is it possible this is what has happened on your site?

Does revocation count for archived topics?

No, archiving a topic will not revoke the badges granted for posts in the topic. Moving a topic to a private category will cause badges granted for posts in the topic to be revoked though.


There we go, that was it, thanks Simon!