Populating a test database with large number of posts/users?


In order to test a plugin, I would like to generate a database with a large amount of content in it. Is there currently a built-in way to achieve this that works?

I found this old thread that asks this exact question, but there is little information in that thread. I went ahead and followed along some of the links and tried several solutions.

There are instructions for running profiler_db_generator.rb here, but it is over 2 years old and broken. When I run RAILS_ENV=profile bundle exec rake db:create the build fails due to encoding discrepancies:

PG::InvalidParameterValue: ERROR:  encoding "UTF8" does not match locale "en_US"
DETAIL:  The chosen LC_CTYPE setting requires encoding "LATIN1".

Note that this error occurs on a freshly installed vagrant vm image, even with $ locale giving en_US.UTF-8 for every value (which does not match the database templates).

I’ve spent the last two days trying to resolve a similar encoding issue with no luck. So far I seem to be at a dead end.

Also, noticing that the profiler environment is intended for benchmarking, would it be simple to use the profiler database for development?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

A long time ago (2+ years ago) @neil built something to populate a try.discourse.org topic with 1000 replies. Not exactly a priority at the moment, but would be a good tool to have around!

(Neil Lalonde) #3

That tool is still in the repo! I doubt anyone has used it in years, but… give it a try:

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