Possible bug on Signup Flow with Social and Custom User Fields

I came across potential bug under the following settings.

I have some custom user Fields which are required for Signup. In a normal signup with email, the “Create new account” is disabled till the user fills all the required fields.

But if the user tries to signup using google (or facebook) the “Create new account” button gets enabled soon after the user grants OAuth permissions. Even though the custom user field is not filled (a required field) the “Create New account” is not disabled anymore.

I tried replicating this here on Discourse Meta but I failed as it does not ask for any custom fields. You can check it here: https://community.wethevillage.co/

It does give a error message but the bug I am reporting is on “Create New account” button getting enabled when the correct behaviour should be that it is disabled.

Since we have a long signup form, some of our users are dropping off as they keep clicking “Create New account” even though they cannot create an account.

Maybe the problem is that you shouldn’t have such a long signup form?

@codinghorror yeah I agree, but thats a UX/product design problem. What I am trying to report is most likely
a tech bug.

On this note, can you please suggest any plugin which can help us ask this information as an optional step after the signup. This is important information for us to help improve what kind of professionals we bring on our forum to help our users.

You could try looking at the custom wizard plugin:


Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for.

Really appreciate all the work you guys are doing at Discourse and your quick response.