Possible bug with duplicate notices of badges

(Blu McCormick) #1

This conversation is continued from this post. Thanks in advance.

Addendum: This glitch is happening with all member accounts.

(Blu McCormick) #2

Here is an account I haven’t opened in ages with duplicate likes.

Is anyone wlse getting duplicate notices of badges?

(Blu McCormick) #3

Ok, so this am I tested for getting duplicate badges and didn’t get them. I am wondering if there was an update overnight to discourse? I don’t know this from my dashboard (as far as I can tell) as discoursehosting.com does my updates. Sorry for the duplicate replies. Correct me on posting protocol anytime.

(Michael - DiscourseHosting.com) #4

FWIW : there was no update (and we always inform you when we perform one).

(Blu McCormick) #5

Thanks, @michaeld. That’s good to know and much appreciated. You guys are awesome.

I’ll keep troubleshooting and see if this problem is exclusive to me since no one else has posted on this and I’d think people would notice if they were getting duplicate badges.