Possible to allow robots in restricted categories?

If I have old categories that I dont want seen to non logged in users is it possible to restrict them but still allow google to access so I keep the links active?

You could mute them for all users, so they won’t see them unless they look.

But the categories would still show on the category page correct?

Give it a try and let us know.

So that removes it from logged in users only. Still shows everything if not logged in lol. That wont work for my use.

I’m pretty sure that showing stuff only to robots that doesn’t exist on the site is a bait-and-switch no-no. Google sees what not-logged-in users see.

Yeah I know its not optimal. I was told there was several ways to do it and easiest was with using a special user for sitemap. But not sure really. Would just be too many dead links I don’t want to worry about.