Possible to edit timestamp of comment(s)?

(Allan Stromfeldt Christensen) #1

I’ve got a few dozen comments that I’m manually importing (we’re talking copying and pasting into the comment box) from Commentics to Discourse. Supposing a previous user from Commentics has set up an account with my new Discourse install I discovered that I can change ownership of the comment from me (as the copier and paster) to said user. What I’m wondering is, now that I’ve done that is it also possible to change the timestamp of said comments in a similar way to how it’s possible to change the timestamp of a topic? If not, would it be possible via some non-GUI method?

Sorry if this has been addressed before but I couldn’t find anything upon doing a search.

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(Dave McClure) #2

I wanted to be able to do this recently too.

It has come up before, but I’m not sure there’s a proper “home” for this discussion.

I posted about it here:

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(Allan Stromfeldt Christensen) #3

Thanks for the heads up about your comment, and a recent one at that! Although it’s such a small use case I’ll go ahead and copy my query over to that thread. Cheers!