Possible to force external links in About to new tab?

Is it possible to force links in the About page which are external to the current URL to open in a new tab? For instance, I have an external FAQ (goes to main web page and not the forum) which I would like to be opened in a new tab so that users don’t leave the forum.

There is the global user setting, but it doesn’t work for “internal” pages

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I believe that you can use HTML (rather than markdown) on those pages and create the links with a “blank” target. (Like this if you don’t know.)

No I know how to do HTML/Markdown - but I am talking about system links, like found here. I want the “FAQ” link to open in a new tab. It’s set from the /admin/site_settings/category/legal setting (which I know you know) but there’s no option anywhere I can find (short of editing the code and then potentially losing my changes with a new theme update, etc.) for this.