Post Edit: Quoting quotes current post instead of replied to post


When editing a post which is a reply to another post, the Quote button does not work as expected.

To Repro:

  1. Reply to a post (without quoting)
  2. Decide after you have posted that you want to quote the original post.
  3. Open your post for edit and click the Quote button in the editor.
  4. A quote of the post being edited is inserted into the editor.

(c-i-p-h-e-r-1) #2

I have observed this as well. Any feedback from the Discourse team?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

OK I am replying to your post. No quote yet!

Now I edit, press the quote button, aaaaand… yep – I can repro this.

@eviltrout can you take a look at that tomorrow? Definitely a legit bug.

(Robin Ward) #4

I’ve fixed it:

(Jeff Atwood) #5