Post jump when scrolling - Official Adsense Plugin

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Flickering with a responsive ad unit in the “post bottom” position.

Currently being looked at and fixed


@neil this sounds like the same issue that ILGM are reporting in relation to the ads plugin

(Neil Lalonde) #3

@Vaping_Community Are you using the Adsense plugin or the official Ad Plugin?

Which type of AdSense ads are you using? Responsive or fixed dimensions? Which ad placements are you using? Above first post, in between posts, and/or above suggested? The jumping is when reading a topic, or topic lists?

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Well, I thought I was using the unofficial one, but I am in fact using the official one and I also messed up in my first post saying it was one of the unofficial plugins, it is one of the official plugins doing it, I have tried safe-mode with unofficial disabled and it still jumps.

Reading a topic.

My Plugin List

I don’t know if this is relevant I am using this CSS to centre the ads…

.google-adsense.adsense-post-bottom {
    padding: 0 52px;

Is it possible that the jump is the advert trying to load in somewhere in the post list?

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(Neil Lalonde) #6

Thanks for the details. I’m able to see the flickering with a responsive ad unit in the “post bottom” position. I’ll play with CSS to try to stop it. Your custom CSS isn’t causing it.

(Neil Lalonde) #8

Hmm I don’t think this is an issue with the plugin. Taking AdSense out of the picture, anything rendered in the plugin outlet “post-bottom” flickers into existence. Maybe it’s being rendered twice. Same thing happens with fixed dimension ad units in AdSense and DFP. @team anyone know of changes that would affect rendering in that plugin outlet?

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Any thoughts on this @eviltrout?

(Robin Ward) #10

I don’t know of any changes to this recently. You might have to git blame and see if anything changed.

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(Neil Lalonde) #11

We carefully investigated recently, and we sadly won’t be able to fix this jumping issue. The way posts are loaded/rendered and the asynchronous nature of ads make this specific case very complicated.

We made sure there were no issues in the plugin, but this one would require a much more significant engineering effort.

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