Post not found.. Works on Desktop but not Mobile?

(Kyle Boyce) #1

So the post URL is

However, when I try to access to post from my phone it says not found, even when I navigate to it via the home page of my site…?

(cpradio) #2

Link and navigating from Latest works for me on both Desktop and Mobile.

(Kyle Boyce) #3

I think I am having DNS issues now.

The website works on my desktop but not my phone it just leads to a blank white page, some other users are also experiencing this issue, any idea what it might be?

(cpradio) #4

I got an apache error earlier, so it seems you are behind an apache reverse proxy? I’d start there.

(Kyle Boyce) #5

I don’t know how to fix that, any idea?

(cpradio) #6

You could see if this still fits (skipping over the Lets Encrypt part – unless you want that too)

(Kyle Boyce) #7

Where do I create this file? Which path as when I got to it takes me to google

(cpradio) #8

How did you setup your site? As surely you had to create the reverse proxy to begin with.

You need to ssh into your box and find/alter your apache configuration for your discourse instance.

Begore doing that, can you confirm you are running multiple sites on the same server Discourse is on?

(Kyle Boyce) #9

I’m only running Discourse on the machine

With a Discord chat bot

(cpradio) #10

So why did it give an apache error earlier? Do you have anything sitting in front of your server? Cloudflare? Something else?

Looking at your header, I see it using nginx now, not sure why I got an apache error earlier when visiting your site though. I should have taken a screenshot of it.

(David Taylor) #11

If I run nslookup repeatedly, it alternates between two different addresses. It looks like you’re inadvertently doing round robin DNS.

My guess (because I’ve done it accidentally before with cloudflare) is that you’ve set up two DNS entries for, and so your DNS provider is issuing them alternately.

This is probably what was causing your other issue as well: