Posting a list: move to next line, with automatic formatting?

(Daquantics) #1

I thought this used to be possible: Say I’m writing a post with a list. If I’ve started with

1. Great List Item 1

I feel like I could hit shift + enter (or something) and discourse would jump to the next line, continuing the same formatting and giving me

1. Great List Item 1 2.

It made it really easy to type out lists, but perhaps I imagined it. Am I crazy?

Thanks in advance for your help/gentle confirmation of my insanity.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No such feature has ever existed, but we might enhance the editor for future releases of Discourse. We have been deferring work in this area for a variety of reasons.

(Daquantics) #3

I was nearly convinced that I was crazy, but… I just noticed that ctrl+O kind of does what I was looking for, and maybe this is what I remember seeing from a few weeks ago?

Or does it have some evil unanticipated effect I’m missing?

(Eli the Bearded) #4

I personally hate when web editors get too “smart” and hope that you will continue to not do this, or at least make it a user-turn-offable preference.

When I want a “smart” editor for a text area, I use vim. (I don’t recommend it for everyone though. Vim is only friendly to some people.)