Posting pictures

(lea) #1

just wondering how I go about posting photos to the topaz page.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Wait – where exactly do you want a photo to appear?

(Stefano Costa) #3

I think Topaz means

Posting photos in a new topic is easy, just use the “Upload” icon in the toolbar or copy and paste your image in the text box.

(lea) #4

in the topaz discussion link

(lea) #5

sorry . im trying. what page do you go to? i dont see any upload icon.

(cpradio) #6

Are you still considered a new user on that forum? It may be they disabled uploading of images for new users.

(lea) #7

i did just join
how long before I can post?

(cpradio) #8

Varies by forum, best to read their FAQ or PM a moderator/admin to find out.

(Régis Hanol) #9

@lea1959, I’m closing this since this is something you should ask moderators over at :wink: